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AllWallpapers (subscription)

AllWallpapers is designed to fill in the gaps in the Windows standard wallpaper management. It improves the standard features of the default Windows wallpaper management and also adds new features for advanced desktop wallpaper management. Unlike the default wallpaper manager, AllWallpapers holds detailed information about each wallpaper in its list, making the wallpaper adding process as simple as possible. AllWallpapers allows you to add all or selected wallpapers from a folder or several folders in only a few clicks. Compare it with the default one where you should add the favorite pictures one by one. One of the greatest features of AllWallpapers is that it allows you to change your favorite desktop wallpaper automatically on a timer, when you start your computer or just by pressing any hot key combination on your keyboard. But that's not all; it allows you to change wallpaper in direct and random order and to play selected sounds while your wallpaper is changing. Most importantly, while setting your wallpaper to any of the default style modes (Center, Tile, Stretch, Fit Desktop), the program will take care of resizing an image without any quality loss, so the resized image will look good with the new style.
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Platform: Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows ME
Vendor: Nimble Software
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